Friday 3 January 2014

Strike Back : Shadow Warfare

Current season concluded with a bang, literally, gratuitous sex and violence all round, excellent. The writers have been getting better and better with each season Scott and Stonebridge escaping from more and impossible situations. 

The storyline of this series revolves around tracking down terrorists and stopping their plots, which are fuelled by greed, religious mania and revenge. There are plenty of twists to keep hold your interest (even without the sex and violence), the best is saved for the end, with Kamali double crossing section 20 to gain revenge for the killing of his wife.

Scott and Stonebridge are amazing the way they can soak up the punishment handed out to them in every episode. From beatings, bullets and weaponised virus they have had it all and survived - how do they do it?

The new commander of section 20 Locke played by Robson Green is great addition, following the killing off of Dalton. She was beginning to get a little whiny and obsessive. This sets it up nicely for a season 5. Great, cannot wait.

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