Saturday 4 January 2014

Star Trek Into Darkness

It is always the problem with reworks of a treasured series, you always make a comparison. In this case JJ Abrams has succeeded big time. His first adventure Star Trek was outstanding, capturing many of the features we loved from the TV series. This film is no different except it has made everyone more human even Spock. The gentle humour is retained without distracting you, and as ever nowadays the CGI is fantastic.

The Doctor McCoy character played by Karl Urban is superb, close to and even exceeding the relationship between the originals. I was unsure about Benedict Cumberbatch playing the bad guy, would he be able to convince us that he is not Sherlock. I should not have worried he was fine.

The plot has some good twists and close shaves with death that you would expect, the best was Robocop ( Peter Weller ) as Marcus going power crazy, promoting war with the Klingons. This of course gave us the introduction to Carol Marcus played by Alice Eve ready for the crew in the next movie.

For Star Trek diehards I think the treatment of the Enterprise internals, warp engines and the mechanics of the ship is one of the biggest successes of JJ Abrams. In the original and subsequent series we were never shown any of the space below decks, 
this allows us to believe even more. Before we saw glossy control panels and everything operated as if by magic. Now we know there is something down there propelling the ship.

A great addition to the film series, go watch it again.

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