Wednesday 29 January 2014

Death in Paradise - BBC1

A new inspector on the island paradise and yet still the murders come. This series is set on a fictious island in the Caribean but you could be forgiven if you thought it was Midsommer. Yes every week there is at least one murder and in some there are multiple violent deaths including tourists. So I wonder why people still visit as it is more likely you will be murdered than having a good holiday.

Away from the plot Kris Marshall cast as the new inspector is a great choice and provides a total refresh for the series following the murder of the first inspector Richard Poole played by Ben Miller. The Richard Poole character was totally different and personally I did not like the tea drinking and briefcase elements. Now with Kris Marshall the DI Goodman character can develop throughout the series.

Overall I like the series as it is a light look at serious business of murder investigation even although the circumstances are a bit of a stretch. They might want to loan the team out to another island to get another dimension to the story lines and some new characters. 

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