Friday 3 January 2014

Mad Dogs : Finale

I am not familiar with drug use but after watching the finale of Mad Dogs on Sky I was beginning to doubt myself. Was this another episode of Lost or what? This ending has to be one the strangest on record for what has been an excellent series. Sadly though it started a lot better than it finished.

Woody, Rick, Quinn and Baxter are back to conclude their adventures which started by visiting an old friend in Majorca. From one freakish mishap to another the four wind with a lot of money but isolated from their previous lives. The money was not come by legally nor was it made legally. They thought the owner was crushed under their car and no longer a threat. Yet again they get it wrong and chased all over Cape Town by Tony Blair masked villains - scary!

Eventually the four mates are cornered on the beach by their now paraplegic pursuer. A mock execution kneeling at their gravesides follows serving only to teach them a lesson. Now the weird bit - driving along the motorway a Tony Blair shows himself, is it Baxter, a dream, drugs or just an overworked imagination? Lastly they are in the end terminated by a terminated motorway. Is this really the end or is there going to be a soap opera style escape, who knows?

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