Tuesday 16 December 2014

The Book Thief

This is not your normal war movie, as it is the story of a young girl displaced from her family and living with a German couple, in a small village during the war years. Liesel arrives at the house of Hans and Rosa Hubermann and the story starts with the building of relationships and trust. Geoffrey Rush playing Hans is excellent, and quickly shows Liesel how to handle the brash but big hearted Rosa played by Emily Watson. 

Liesel ( Sophie Nelisse ) is intrigued by books and they become integral to the story with Hans teaching her how to read. At school she is befriended by Rudy her football mad neighbour. The story takes a very serious turn when the war starts and they have an unexpected visitor to stay. It then follows the family through the war years with sadness and joy.

I think the production of the movie was excellent with great costumes and realistic scenery, however it had little niggle with the dialogue. It is an English movie set in Germany however, to add atmosphere the script was peppered with unecessary short German words like "nein" or "und". The atmosphere was already very good with the costumes, setting, accents and did not need this script addition. Overall a very classy movie and very thought provoking,well worth the two hour plus investment.

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