Saturday 5 July 2014

Captain Philips

One thing you can always be certain of in the movie industry, if Tom Hanks is starring the movie will be worthwhile. With Captain Phillips this is an understatement, Tom Hanks plays a pirated captain with all his well known acting skills and more. This is an excellent story of modern day piracy and the difficulties of policing it.

On route from Djbouti to Mombassa Phillips and his crew are attacked by Somali pirates. Almost totally defenceless the pirates board the ship and take control. The rest and the majority of the story follows the struggle to resolve the hijack and get everyone to safety. I think it is very good at highlighting the impotence of the policing authorites in handling this very old crime. It seems to me we are still totally wrapped up in political correctness, we cannot defend ourselves, and then when we do take action we are always fighting against infringing "human rights", when none have been extended to us. It is a real problem today that we still do not have an answer to, and sadly this terrorist activity is on the increase under the guise of God?

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