Saturday 7 June 2014


The world has divided with the rich leaving for an orbital habitat Elysium. The rest of the world has turned into a township/favela polluted and ridden with disease.

As a keen Sci Fi fan I was excited by the description of the film, in particular the lead casting of Matt Damon and Jodie Foster. My excitement did not last in fact I fell asleep, waking up just as the film ended. What I did see was very elaborate however the acting and script did not keep me awake - a poor sign for an action Sci Fi movie. I love Jodie Foster but this was a dreadful performance exaggerated by the accent she had to use. Some of the futuristic elements did not work, for example Matt Damon was working in a factory producing droids and pressing steel plate. Surely the droids should have been making the droids. They had the technology to cure disease and rebuild from injuries and this was standard fitment in Elysium, but was not available on earth. 

I cannot really make any further useful comments, except unless to want to see the CGI and other effects I would give this one a miss.

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