Sunday 25 May 2014

White House Down

White House Down and Olympus has Fallen two similar movies with same subject - The White House is attacked and defeated. I chose to watch White House Down with Channing Tatum and Jamie Fox starring.

Although you might say the plot is very predictable the film rises above that and entertains. The President ( Jamie Fox ) has just entered office and made some radical changes in troop deployments which some believe left soldiers to die unnecessarliy. Revenge for this act appears to be the motive for the attack which our hero Channing Tatum is involved. As part of the protection detail for the Secretary of State he decides to apply for the secret service and protect the President. Rejected he takes his daughter on a tour of the White House when all hell breaks loose.

The action is great, it may be a little far fetched but none the less very entertaining. For me this is one of the main criteria for a good movie, imagine going to the cinema and not being entertained, it would be a disaster. The disaster here is only on screen. 

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