Friday 4 April 2014

The Walking Dead - Season 4 Finale

When I reported on the mid season break I thought it would be difficult for this series to get better. I was wrong, very wrong. When we left the group just before the break they had been fragmented into small groups trying to survive the fallout from the Governer's attack on the prison. Throughout the last few episodes the groups have headed in the direction of the Terminus with the promise of sanctuary. During this journey the survivors develop new relationships that earlier we thought would not have been possible, but it has been the reason for their survival.

In the finale Rick's group unexpectedly meets up with Daryl and his new "friends". Faced with certain death on Daryll and his group Rick turns "Walker" and bites out his attacker's throat. Even more blood flows but the outcome is positive with all the good guys staying in the game. As they reach Terminus Rick is ever cautious entering by the back door to check for anything dangerous. After introductions to they are offered a meal when Rick recognises a fob watch, and demands an explanation. This is when all hell breaks loose, coming under fire from their new hosts but importantly not getting shot. In the chase through the buildings and rooms we get a very brief glimpse of the problem with a pile of freshly butchered bones, human bones. Yes the hosts have turned cannibal, offered lunch was probably another arrival at Terminus. Cornered they are forced to enter a old railcar where they meet Maggie and Glen's group who are receiving the same hospitality. The show ends with Rick saying " they are screwing with wrong people"

Again I am left in suspense by the best show on TV and we have to wait until the Autumn for season 5, I hope.

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