Sunday 16 February 2014


This Belgian subtitled TV detective drama has been slated by various TV reviewers and I fail to see why. It is different to our usual British fare and for me that is an excellent change. I am a fan of the recent trend to show subtitled dramas like The Killing and The Bridge, with subtitles you tend to get drawn in more because you have to read them or you may miss out. The main character Inspector Paul Geradi (Filip Peeters) is also very different to our usual. A maverick cop who will not let politics or his boss get in his way of solving his case.

A private bank vault is robbed of possions and documents of the high level society in Belgium, or one quote puts it "They run half the country". Paul is drawn into the consipracy deeper when his informant runs into trouble, and others connected with the robbery are also in danger. After the first two episodes it is clear his family and himself will also be in danger. It seems some people have too much to lose. Excellent drama.

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