Thursday 28 December 2017

Star Wars Episode VIII The Last Jedi

The movie of course  is a winner but movie and SciFi diehards be prepared to be disappointed. Whilst all the action and CGI was fantastic the storyline was very lame - evil galatic leader tries to eliminate the last Jedi and the last republic rebels, not much changes from previous episodes. Would do better to concentrate on the one off storylines like Rogue One. It achieved one major element need to preserve the franchise from dying, all the main characters are now dead ( sad passing of Carrie Fisher) or killed off ( Hans Solo and now Luke Skywalker ) only Chewbacca and the robots remain. 

For the SciFi fans there were some questionable dialogue and design. During the chase across space it was discovered that the rebels could be tracked at light speed and there was a special device on the lead First Order ship for this. Question 1 If they were only travelling at light speed they could never traverse the galaxy far far away, it would just take too long. They should be using some other type of propulsion like warp drive. Question 2 Most devices now are tiny even big computers are small, why is the device used for tracking at light speed the size of a transit van?

Our enjoyment was slightly impaired along with our hearing as the cinema had the volume on 4 levels above max. Driving home I felt my car had morphed into an electric model - so quiet. The director / writers also seem unable to leave the bar scene with a hundred different aliens at home. It appears to be dragged out every time and reworked until boring.That aside I enjoyed the movie and I think they have left themselves in a reasonable position for another episode which must have a better storyline.

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