Saturday 12 March 2016

London has Fallen

This is the sequel to Olympus has fallen and although It is predictable what the plot will be, it does deliver on action and excitement. London is under attack from terrorists who force the capital to shut down. It is then the President of USA bodyguards job to get him to safety. 

For me the outstanding actor is Morgan Freeman playing the Vice President, he never fails to deliver a good performance. Gerard Butler as the secret service bodyguard is very good, reprising the same role he has in Olympus has Fallen. Single handed he seems to get it all done just always in the nick of time. Aaron Eckhart is okay however the character of the POTUS is all wrong, you would never see any of recent Presidents be as active or as capable,forgetting what Trump might do.

The production is good and apart from one scene the CGI is superb. It magically allows you to believe London could get blown apart without triggering a reaction of "oh that's fake".  Overall the film was very entertaining but not sure it could run too a third production.

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