Tuesday 22 October 2013

The Walking Dead - Season 4

I have been looking forward to the start of the new fourth series of the Walking Dead and have not been disappointed. This show just seems to get better and better. The key to this success I believe is not just the superb makeup / effects but more the way the writers have changed the location and theme of the story with each new series.

Some time has passed since the end of the last show and a little community has built up at the prison, and food is being grown again and not just surviving off pre disaster supplies. New characters have been introduced and the scene set for the next few episodes. The main problems still surround how to avoid and protect against the zombies, who are still gnashing away in ever increasing numbers, as  illustrated by the community members lining the fence taking down zombies in a continuous stream.

I suspect Sky will prolong the excitement again by splitting the series over Christmas, but I don't mind.  It is sometime since I looked forward in such anticipation to a new series of any show, that is how good it is.

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