Friday 18 October 2013

Supernatural - Season 8

Well for me there is no doubt the eighth season of Supernatural has been the best yet, and sets up what could be an even better season nine. Sam and Dean Winchester have fought all sorts of demons, vampires and horrible creatures and still survive unscathed if only a little battered and worn.

The most incredible thing about this series is creative ability of the screenwriters to generate so many "plausible" supernatural scenarios. This season the fights over the tablets, and those trials have been excellent. We have also had the guest starring of my favourite Sci Fi star Amanda Tapping as the angel Naomi - turned out not to be much of an angel getting her just desserts in the conclusion of the last episode.

The introduction of the "Men of Letters" secret base has been a master stroke. It gives Sam and Dean a home from which they can abandon their nomadic life and enjoy some of the comforts associated with home. The writers are going to have field day with this set up using all the material collected by the previous occupants. What are they going to dream up next with the fall out from Heaven? I am certain series nine is going to be stunning.

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