Saturday 1 August 2015

Edge of Tomorrow

Sky are currently playing a Tom Cruise season which gave me the opportunity to re watch Edge of Tomorrow a fantastic SciFi movie with a new twist. The earth is invaded by an alien species and a war is ongoing to try and defeat these invincible beings. Maj. Bill Cage is sent on what appears as a suicide mission but gets killed almost straight away - game over? No, he is stuck in a time loop.

Aided by Emily Blunt ( Rita Vrataski ) his comrade in arms they repeat the same brutal fight again and again perfecting their skills, getting further and further into the day to try and defeat the aliens. The special effects employed in this film are outstanding and very fast paced, one of the main attributes of the aliens. As the film progresses and Cage build his skills, they also learn more about the "Mimics" and how they can succeed and where to target.

Perhaps not the best Tom Cruise movie but it is up there, with lots of action and thrilling sequences supported by the great storyline. The replays that Sky organised in special channel or through on demand are an excellent way to catch up with any movies you may have missed. 

Recommend you watch this again as you will see more and understand more than the first time around, excellent.

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