Thursday 22 August 2013

Friday Night Lights - Sky Atlantic ( Final episode )

What a final episode. I am so happy with the way it was all wrapped up. It is always very difficult to work out the endings to suit everyone, but it was done here to great effect, like a fairy story ending with everyone living happily ever after.

You might say it was easy to see how they were going resolve Eric and Tami's dilemma of where should they be at the start of the new term. Of course the big promotion for Tami and a new team to take to state for Eric is perfect.

The best of all was the match up made with all the leading characters in the current series, Matt and Julie, Tim and Tyra. The only missing characters from the series that maybe should have had a conclusion was Lyla and Jason who were a central part of the series for so long. In all this has been a fantastic five series. The only question left is how long before I re-watch it?

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